Bag Lady (2013)

★ ★ ★ ★ 'powerful and thought-provoking drama.'
Whats on Stage

'an important piece of theatre'
West Yorkshire Theatre Network

' this is a powerful, insightful piece of should be seen'. Yorkshire Post

'everyone should see a stunning performance of what it means to be human..'.
Huddersfield Examiner

Somebody's Son (2012)  
'Layne's writing shines, capturing how these characters really talk to each other; treat each other and how they behave together.
The Public Review

Lost and Found  (2011)

"The play should be praised for it's intimate insight into the experiences of Slavery. Resistance, revolution and betrayal are woven into each time frame with a clever script."
Katie Simkins - Leeds Student,

For full review;

Review: Lost and Found - What's Slavery got to do with me?

If all history could be brought to life as effectively as this, we'd be amazingly knowledgeable. Lost and Found is no boring play about a worthy subject, it is great entertainment that just happens to be about history. It is a really good night out on an emotional rollercoaster with plenty of laughs and one-liners but also more than a few tears shed in the audience.

The cast of three took their audience on a journey across three continents and two very different historical times. They jumped between a modern-day school, slaves at work in the Caribbean and the families they were snatched from in Africa.The quick transitions back and forth took not only great skill from the actors but also brilliant writing from Sheffield based Marcia Layne.This show of Hidden Gems Productions was a celebration not only of Black history but also local talent, regardless of colour. Its true strength lies in ability to make relevant, an issue that many regard as best left in the past. I took my children, and despite their preconceived misgivings, they were gripped from start to finish.
Nancy Fielder - Sheffield Telegraph

'Lost and Found' was greatly enjoyed by the students of King Edward VII School, Sheffield. The play held their attention from beginning to end. Many students has never been to the theatre before and it was an exciting first experience.

The play took us back through the passage of time to Africa and the Caribbean and we got a glimpse of what life was like for African slaves at that time. We were able to view the slave trade from a human point of view. The students could relate to the modern day characters and the play made them consider their own heritage, which stimulated discussion.

Lost and Found was well written and performed and it brought history alive. It also provided a fantastic opportunity for the young people to experience live theatre.
Helen Barker - King Edward VII School, Sheffield

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