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Audition Call and information 

January 2016

Production title:  ‘ The Yellow Doctress’  By Marcia Layne
Director: Amanda Huxtable
Production Company: Hidden Gems Productions
Email: hiddengemspro@yahoo.co.uk
Production Type: Theatre in Education 
Project length: 60 minutes 
Production location:  West Yorkshire 
Audition Location: Yorkshire  
Contract: Based on ITC equivalent rates.

Deadline for applications Friday 15th January 2016 5.00pm 
Auditions:   Thursday 21st January 2016 and Tuesday 26th January 2016
Rehearsals: Tuesday 23rd  February - 7th March 2016  
Schools Tour: Tuesday 8th March – Friday 18th March 2016
The production introduces Jamaican Doctress Mary Seacole to new audiences taking them through her life and experiences. It is an adventurous tale of a woman who pushed through barriers of gender and race in the 19th Century to offer her healing expertise to soldiers in the Crimean war at the same time as the widely known Florence Nightingale.  She was highly regarded by the soldiers who sought comfort and care at her British Hotel in the midst of the Crimean war (1854 – 1856)

A professional production about Mary Seacole  'The Yellow Doctress' By Marcia Layne.   Produced by Yorkshire based company Hidden Gems Productions. The play lasts for one hour followed by a brief workshop. The play was originally produced by the West Yorkshire Playhouse and successfully toured twice in 2007 and 2008 across Leeds and was widely praised by children and teachers alike for its vibrant and compelling storytelling of this inspiring woman's life.
Character BIOS (One woman Show plays both roles) 
Name: Mary Secole,  GENDER: Female,  AGE: 40 + 
Mary Seacole is a significant Black British woman born in Jamaica in 1805. She is highly regarded and ranked in the top 100 greatest Black Britons website. A formidable and hard working woman widowed she risked her life and travelled to the Crimean war to offer her skills and support to British soldiers.
Name: Millicent,  GENDER: Female, AGE: 30 +
Millicent is a recently arrived (1950) Carribean Nurse who perseveres with her patients in the NHS despite some unwelcoming behaviours from some. Through her determination and care we learn the history of the contribution made by the Caribbean work force in the NHS.

Contact: Amanda Huxtable Director

Email:  hiddengemspro@yahoo.co.uk

Please mark emails – Mary Seacole audition

Thank you. 

Hidden Gems Productions. 

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