This production performed in Theatre Venues & Schools and was developed to support Black History Month 2011.

Lost and Found, a story of dignity, courage and survival, and that's just getting through the school year! Ashleigh is angry,
confused and ashamed. Ricky is just angry. Both young people ask in very different ways:

'What's Slavery got to do with me?'

At odds over what they've just been taught in history class.

Mr Munroe, a school mentor encourages them to discover the road to lieration for enslaved Africans, from the Kingdoms of the
Gold Coast to the cane fields of the Caribbean and the resistance, rebellion and revolution that changed our world forever.

Below images of our rehearsal process.


Actor: Jamila Jennings Grant
Actor: Duane Palmer
Actor: Samuel Thompson

Writer: Marcia Layne
Director: Amanda Huxtable
Designer: Emma Williams
Stage Manager: Leon Smith
Graphic Design: Dave Carvill
Administrator: Stefanie Gascoigne


Seven Arts Centre, Leeds - 4th October

The Library Theatre, Sheffield - 7th October

Newfield School, Sheffield - 10th October

North Huddersfield Trust School - 12th October

Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield - 12th October

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