Bag Lady

October 7, 2013

Every play takes you on a journey.

You dive into a new world and explore, opening doors, kitchen draws, drawing rooms or bedrooms finding out where the characters live, what they care about, what’s their point.
Human nature manifests itself over and over again, whilst we all try to work out what it’s all about. 

At Hidden Gems Productions I have the utmost pleasure of being one of the first to read Marcia Layne’s new scripts. It’s a gift that pops into my inbox, I read straight away then sit for a while.  With Bag Lady Marcia’s brand new work  I stood up. When the truth hits you, it hits you hard. 

I have lived with Bag Lady for the best part of this year and it has taken me to places I’d forgotten I knew about, made be burst out laughing and gasp almost in the same breath, explored places I was afraid to go to for fear of how painful those places can be, but I went because my job is to help tell the story Marcia has written. A play for our times. 

It is a fierce and funny play.  
It is the play we've been waiting for. 

Eve tells it like it is and I’m glad she does because I feel stronger and ironically calmer than before because of it.

Every word counts.

In rehearsals the play is evolving and that feels right. Flo Wilson has done a fine job finding Eve. The play feels almost organic and will grow and build, but for now it’s nearly ready to share where it is.  I know it will be talked about,  if you come please talk about it to us, to each other, to the world! 

I hope to see you there. 
Trust me this is a journey you don’t want to miss. 


The Elephant in the Room

December 4, 2012

Elephant in the room

Is there room for me?  Make room, revolving doors, one in one out.  All change.

Heard it all before?

There was a lot of talk back in October 2012. So much talk it’s taken me this long to process it. I’m reminded when listening to this talk how long I’ve been on this road.

I used to serve as a Board Member at the Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield, as well as sharing my knowledge of being an artist in the Yorkshire region I used to extend my knowledge of young people...

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My Sons.

June 14, 2012



Where to begin, so much to say and time is precious.

Somebody's Son by Marcia Layne is a play, a piece of theatre. It's not life and death. Nobody has died, well not in this play anyway.

Last week I returned home late one night, to be greeted by my beloved family. Still supporting me and still checking if everything had gone well with the show.

My husband gave my weary face a gentle kiss and went to bed, whilst our eldest son stayed with me and shared his food.

We did the wind down together, th...

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Pit stop.

April 24, 2012

I want to write this while I remember what it feels like.

I'm writing as a wife and a mother working, a working wife and mother.  These responsibilities come before anything else. Of course I'm also a daughter, daughter-in law, a sister, sister-in law, aunt, niece, cousin and a friend.  All of these roles belong to me.

I need to tell you about my job as a Director/ Producer. I'm not in this on my own, I work alongside Marcia Layne Writer/ Producer, together we are Hidden Gems Productions.

To mak...

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Hidden in plain sight.

February 10, 2012

Second week complete. Introductions done, journey continues.

So why tell this story? Lost and Found by Marcia Layne is about taking a look again at a story we all thought we knew.  Hidden in plain sight. Why do we tell stories? To know ourselves and each other better? To mark a moment and move on. To honour our past?

Traveling through time with the cast and crew. It’s been a privilege working in rehearsal, learning and growing together, exploring Marcia Layne’s many layered script. Just wha...

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Lost and Found Redux

February 10, 2012

I’ve arrived at the end of the first week of rehearsals. The creative team agrees that when we speak about the work outside of rehearsals we have to start with a little speech that goes something like this

CAST Member: Yes I’m in a play called Lost and Found and loving the work

FRIEND: Oh yeah, what’s it about?

CAST: Yeah it’s about slavery ….

FRIEND Starts to put their serious face on or shoes to run away.

CAST ‘No, no wait, it’s alright it’s got laughs and everything.

FRIEND: Eith...

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